About Tiberiu

He began practicing bioenergy as a child, reading many books and participating in various international courses. Following the positive results, his therapy increased it’s popularity over the years. He received numerous certificates and diplomas that certifies the mastery of his therapy. Though, the greatest commendation came from his patients who were very satisfied by the therapy’s effect.

So far Tiberiu Molnar applied his method on thousands of people from all over the world who have reached to him with various health problems and more. The percentage of those who achieved an overall resolution is about 80%.

The most common cases in which he is requested and is successful are: cancer, tumors, digestive problems, gynecological problems, endocrine problems, rheumatic disorders, epilepsy, diabetes, blood pressure, respiratory or sinus problems, stress, insomnia and so on.

Tiberiu molnar is a simple man, a humble, straightforward, humorous and fun person.
He is driven by the following motto:

“We all deserve a better, healthier, more balanced life from all points of view and no one is excluded” – Tiberiu Molnar.


Tiberiu Molnar, born in eastern Europe on February 17, 1976 in Timişoara, Romania.

At the age of 15 he read a book on this subject. The book is called “You the Healer” by Jose Silva. The exercises that were described and tested successfully urged him to study this area. He was helped and initiated by the Vicepresident of the Parapsychology Society of Timisoara, Mr. Turak Ladislau, who taught him also his first bioenergetic pathways.

He continued to study unconventional therapeutic methods by himself, reading books, attending courses and practicing bioenergy on animals and neighbours. At only 17 years old, after being examined by a comittee organized by the Ministry of Health of Romania and Alexandra Moşneaga, he obtained the title of Master extrasensory, the international category.

He graduated the Silva Method course held by the instructor Rajco Kuzmanovic in Timisoara. With so many positive results, in various health cases, he become very popular in Timis County.

He starts to work and develop his own method. His purpose being the efficiency of the therapy, the establishment of minimum conditions for the participants attending meetings and its application in parallel with Tradtional Medicine.

His presence is requested for the first time in another city, Brașov, where he also has his first TV appearance, on Pro TV.

Having developed his own efficient method his presence is requested throughout the country.

Following his numerous positive results, his appearances in the largest newspapers and TV stations increased, in Romania and not only. This year he sets up a consulting room in Bucharest, and people from abroad began to contact him (USA, Italy, Germany, Japan, etc).

On February 19 he was invited to the 10th celebration of the newspaper Morning, where together with Mr. Ion Iliescu, the president of Romania at that time, he received the Diploma of Excellence. This year his presence is also requested in another European countries, he will travel to apply the treatments, however his main cabinets remain those from Timișoara and Bucharest.

All these years he treated thousands of people, perfecting his method. Having positive results in many cases, his therapy become indispensable for some of his patients.

His first visit in Thailand will leave marks on him. He becomes fascinated by the Thai culture, in particular of people. This causes him to return more often in Southeast Asia.

He becomes more and more requested in Thailand, especially in Phuket Island and in Bangkok. He starts to have his first pacients, among them numerous religios representatives who showed curiosity and interest regarding his therapeutical methods.

He opens a bioenergy cabinet in Thailand, but without giving up on those already opened in Romania. Currently he divides his time between the two countries.

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